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System Information and Benchmark for Linux

System Information and Benchmark for Linux Systems
- Initially created in 2003 by lpereira.
Many has helped testing and develop code, made art/graphics and written
translations for hardinfo2 open source project GPL2+

Developers, Translators, Graphical Designers, etc. are Welcome
- There is so much fun we can do. Program is written in C. has lot of kernel access,
multi tasking and the webserver is a LAMP (Linux Apache2 MariaDB PHP) with
java script frontend where we will add a web app for phone/tablet/PC.
Lots of fun technologies to add on to. Interested?

- Please join Github Discussion. Get Source from GitHub or Download Prebuilds.

Hardinfo2 has been Released.

Latest GitHub Release News:

Other news:
New webpage for hardinfo2 - Linux Benchmarking

Work in Progress:
We are working on releasing the hardinfo2 program in all distros.

Status for Distro branches
Distro BranchIn DistroBuild from Source
Fedora38 ->23 ->
Centos / Redhat7 -> (6) 7 ->
Alma / Rocky / Oracle7 -> (6) 7 ->
SUSE / OpenSUSE15.5-> + TWYES
Debian++13 Unstable-> WIP (7) 8 ->
Ubuntu / Mint / PopOS++WIP16 ->
ArchLinux AUR / Garuda / Manjaro AURYESYES
OpenMandriva5.0 -> + Roll + CookYES
Arch: i686, amd64, ppc64, s390x, armhf / aarch64 / armv6/7/8, mips64, riscv64, +++
PS: Numbers in () are working right now but might be unsupported in future releases.

hardinfo2 User Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hardinfo2 just a GUI interface for information that can be read from kernel?
No, it is correct that many informations can be found from kernel, but hardinfo2 does not just collect all these into a nice interface (GUI+CLI) but also adds extra information from blobs and internal tables and routines.

How do I run all benchmarks?
Just press the Synchronize button - It will update all information and benchmarks

Command Line Interface

The hardinfo2 program also has a Command Line Interface, for use in terminals. This can be useful for remote support issues, describing and benchmarking a lot of machines remotely, adding a note to the uploaded benchmarks for identifying a group of benchmarks, etc.

man hardinfo2 shows the following CLI options:
-h, --helpShow help options
-q, --quitedo not print status messages to standard output
-r, --generate-reportcreates a report and prints to standard output
-f, --report-formatchooses a report format (text, html)
-g, --result-formatchooses a result format (short, conf, shell)
-b, --run-benchmarkrun a specific benchmark eg. -b 'FPU FFT' (Default all benchmarks runs when generate report)
-s, --skip-benchmarksDisables all benchmark runs.
-n, --max-resultsmaximum number of benchmark results to include (-1 for no limit, default is 50)
-u, --user-noteadds a user note to data send to server. When added eg. -u 1 synchronization is activated.
-v, --versionshows program version and quit
-w, --very-verboseshow all details


examples of CLI command usage:
hardinfo2 -b 'FPU FFT'runs only FPU FFT benchmark
hardinfo2 -u 1enable updates at startup and starts gui (can also be set in gui)
hardinfo2 -u SBC-DK -rupdates data from server, generate CLI report and sends benchmark with user-note
hardinfo2 -rgenerates CLI report

Example of remote support issues: hardinfo2 -r -s -q|grep -A3 ^\-BIOS
List of topics available: hardinfo2 -r -s -q|grep ^\-

Hardinfo2 History Page

When Linux was young
This program is from the time when Linux was young and has evolved along side the Kernel and Distros.
It was included in Fedora 1 and Debian 3 in 2003, which was around the time, that Linux started to be widely known outside the academic/hackers world.

History of Linux OS
1970 - Kenneth Lane Thompson - Unix & B
1970 - Dennish Ritchie - C
1979 - Bjarne Stroustrup - C++
1983 - Richard Matthew Stallman - FOSS, GNU: GCC, GPL Licenses
1991 - Linus Torvalds - Linux Kernel
1993 - Patrick Volkerding - Slackware - first main stream source Linux
1993 - Ian Murdock - Debian - first main stream Linux
1995 - Marc Ewing/Bob Young - Red Hat Software - first commercial FOSS
1998 - World Wide Web adoption (ADSL Speeds)
2000 - Microsoft declares war on Linux and FOSS
2003 - This is were hardinfo2 starts
2003 - Patrick Mochel, Mike Murphy - SysFS
2005 - Linus Torvalds - git
2008 - Jesse Barnes - Direct Rendering Manager (DRM)
2008 - Thomas Dohmke, Chris Wanstrath, P.J. Hyett, Scott Chacon, GitHub
2008 - Kristian Høgsberg - Wayland
2010 - Lennart Poettering - SystemD
2012 - Even Microsoft embraces FOSS
2018 - Microsoft buys GitHub
2023 - Linux Operating Systems on par with proprietary ones
2024 - Nvidia embraces FOSS (Last mayor HW vendor)

Version 0.3.3 2003

First distributed version

It was released in 2003 made by lpereira, who needed the program for personal daily problems - much like every FOSS program starts - a need for personal usage.

Version 0.3.6 2005

Latest of the original layout from 2005

High quality look and feel for programs of that time period, but relatively little information could be provided.

Version 0.4.0 2008

The new layout for more information from 2008

Now lpereira had gotten some positive attention and was keen on changing the program to be more than just personal needs.
So much improvement from version 0.3 to 0.4 - lots of information nicely formatted.
So remember that if you want programs to evolve - give the FOSS projects some love! - We develop together

Version 0.5 2009

This is the most famous version from 2009.

Linus Tech Tips said he loved this program with his polite comment: "It's better than nothing!" - LTT-Youtube
Magazines around the world noticed the GUI program and wrote nice articles about it. Some users made videos showing how to use the program and showed it off to others, so much love, thanx.
Google Scholar lists academic articles, that uses hardinfo. Also, Tom's Hardware uses hardinfo2 Tom's HW

The webserver was lost in 2011 as a german Open Source Software initiative shutdown and there was no backup. lpereira moved to the new project lwan, leaving the project without a maintainer.

Version 0.5git/0.6a 2017-2020

Up2dating effort, so nice!

New release effort by bp0 + (lpereira) made a huge task with help from ocerman and others
Development stopped in 2020.
Never Released but was in some distros.

Version 2.1.11 2024

Released 2024-05 - Dark motherboard theme

New community edition
hwspeedy repay to Linux community for 25 years of fun with Linux, thanx!

Lots of Maintenance/testing/doc/bugfixing and updating for current distros
Keeping it working for ~10 years of old distros and tools
New Benchmarks that works from slow to fast machines
Added themes and dark/light mode
Remade the lost website (This website)
CLI improved for command line usage
Lots of UI/UX improvements -> Refreshed

Want to be part of the future of hardinfo2 - please join the hardinfo2 community at github, thanx.


hardinfo2 team members

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